woolymonkey (woolymonkey) wrote in twogoodmen,

New fic: Dear Jack (Lies 1)

Bootstrap writes to Jack about the past, and how he got his name.  This is a standalone story, but it links with my Truths stories and contains spoilers for them, if that bothers you.  No AWE spoilers.

Pairing: sparrowstrap
Rating: R
Author: </a></b></a>woolymonkey
Thanks: </a></b></a>erinya, </a></b></a>teenybuffalo, </a></b></a>fabu, </a></b></a>rough_magic for feedback and concrit.
Disclaimer: Borrowed without permission and now rather badly damaged.
Warnings: Angst and more angst.  (Jack taught Bootstrap some jokes, but he tells them like the glum old stick that he is.)  Also soul-searching, self-doubt, denial, and editorial intrusions.

Note: Lies 2, in which Barbossa tells his side of the story, will follow in May.  So let me know what you like and don’t before I do it all again!

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