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[Fic] - Metamorphoses (and some meta)

I'm new to this community, and I've brought you some fic and meta :)

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Meta: Some thoughts on Jack, Bill and the mutiny (SPOILERS for AWE!)

Fic: Metamorphoses

Author: LadyOfTheSilent

Beta:  sparrows_swann

Status: Complete [One-Shot]

Words: 3008

Rating: NC-17

Characters: Jack Sparrow, “Bootstrap” Bill Turner, Hector Barbossa

Pairings: Jack/Bill (pre-mutiny)

Warnings: hate!sex, disturbing themes

Disclaimer: Jack normally belongs to Elizabeth, but since she isn’t in the story, he, like the rest belongs to the mouse

Summary: Bill tries to warn Jack about Barbossa …

A/N: This is actually a companion-piece to my J/E-fic “Exorcism”, meant to reveal more of Jack’s backstory, but also works as a standalone. It’s basically based on some of Bill’s lines from the DMC-script and my own thoughts on why Bill participated in the mutiny against Jack.


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