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Title: Nowhere Else To Go

Rating: Teen

Summary: Jack is taken advantage of by Bill. This fic began at the Potc_Love drabble group, but I liked it, so I rewrote it.  Sorry if the format goes strange, but Lj doesnt seem to like me :(

Bill took Jack to the nearest tavern to listen to him talk. Fifteen years old and Jack knew nothing of the world other than how to tell a good story and how to steal, and both of those skills he could do well. Bill had caught him pilfering out of their larder late one night. The boy had looked at him with those dark eyes and Bill had been lost. He put Jack in an inn, visited now and then, and then everyday. He thought of Jack daily, dreamed of him nightly, but was too afraid to act upon it.

But Bill couldn’t hide his secret, especially not from his wife, when he made the stupid mistake of taking Jack home.

“You have brought him home again? Am I to feed every waif and stray you take a liking to Bill? You know I wouldn’t mind so much if you passed some money my way, but you spend all your wages with the likes of him! How much money have you wasted this time?”

Bill fed Jack, clothed Jack; he’d spent a lot of his money on Jack.

“So it’s like that is it? I know what kind of person he is Bill, the bad kind! My mother warned me about you, she told me you were no good, that you were wrong in the mind.”

Lilly had seen in to Bill’s heart further than he could.

“Look at him! What are you seeing Bill? Is his face smoother than mine? He’s only a child, Bill, you disgust me! Get out of my house!”

Lilly had ruined it all. They had been happy enough together, living as the law of the land said they should. Lilly had only ever wanted a home of her own, and had found Bill’s arrangement the best offer she’d been made. He hadn’t lied to her when they’d wed, he’d tried his best to be honest, but when he had told her that he could never love her, Lilly must have expected him to one day change his mind. 

However, she'd discovered soon after their marriage that he hadn’t been lying. Despite everything he had looked after her; she had a home, a fire, and a child on the way. Not much, but when so many people had nothing, it was enough.

Bill stopped thinking. Jack was drunk, more than drunk. His words were more slurred than Bill had ever heard them, and his hands were wandering over Bill’s legs, arms, and face. Jack kept creeping over him, his voice pulling him closer, everything about him dangerously alluring and forbidden. Bill wished he could stop this, but ever since he had seen Jack Sparrow, this was all he’d ever wanted.

So many times he had seen this scene in his mind, Jack drunk, unable to defend himself against his advances. Sometimes Jack was submissive, compliant, welcoming his advances, and sometimes he kicked and screamed against him, desperately pushing Bill away. These were the way Bill’s thoughts had tended ever since he had seen those dark brown eyes.

“I’d quite like a parrot, I’d teach it to say things like; Bill Turner is the nicest man I know!” Jack slurred over him. “You…you can buy me another.”

“Another what, Jack? Parrot?” Bill asked placing his hand on Jack’s shoulder. The boy laughed at him, a rum filled uncontrolled laugh of nothing in particular. Bill’s hand slipped down Jack’s back, around his side, and pulled him close. “I’ll get you a parrot if you want one. I get you anything you want, you know that.”

“You’ll take me with you when you go? Like you promised? You’ll get me a place on that ship?” Jack asked, leaning close to Bill.

Bill closed his eyes, he dreamt of kissing Jack, holding tightly like he was doing just now. Jack too drunk to stop anything, unable to give his permission, Bill’s hands running over his small body, the way they were doing now. He dreamt of kissing Sparrow, softly, gently, pressing himself into the boy, Jack letting him touch him, caress him. Bill couldn’t find where his dreams ended and reality began, Jack was kissing him, letting him touch him, he thought his heart might explode.

Jack became tired, too much alcohol in his blood. Bill found the landlord and rented a room, he carried Jack upstairs and bolted the doors. He was here, finally in his arms, his love his at last. Bill found there were tears in his eyes as he held Jack, the boy’s eyes closed against the world.

In his mind he knew this was wrong; Jack didn’t know what he was doing. But in his arms he was soft and complying, never once protesting. Jack opened his eyes as Bill placed him on the bed. Bill stared into his eyes for what seemed like forever, but no matter how hard Bill looked, there was not one scrap of love in Sparrow’s eyes for him.

If someone could have peered into their hearts, they would have seen the sad truth between the friendship of Jack Sparrow and Bill Turner. The poignant truth was that Bill loved Jack Sparrow because he was lonely. But Jack only loved Bill Turner because he simply had nowhere else to go.

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Sparrowstrap - huzzah! The world needs sparrowstrap!

I like this. It's creepy. (And with poor lovelorn Jack taking over my head to pine for his William, it's very nice to see things flowing the other way for once. Go make the bastard suffer, Jack!)

Please God don't let Will ever find out...

ahh! Will! I'd forgotten about Will. Yes he’d better not find out, he'd probably go blaming himself or something. Jack and Bill’s past doesn’t sound all that merry to me, Jack didn’t look all that happy when talking about it to Will, so it got me thinking. Got to be some bitterness there somewhere...
Thanks for reading!!
I was intruiged by the way Jack said, "one of the few who knew him as WILLIAM Turner". That seemed to be really important to Jack (but then he calls him Bootstrap and Bill Turner in DMC - for which I'm trying to build up a plausible backstory...) I don't see Jack looking unhappy there so much as worried about what exactly to tell Will. The Jack and Bill scene in DMC is strange. Obviously, I read it to fit my story, but I'm sure it would work nicely with yours.
The way I read your story, Bill is going to do what Jack wants, sooner or later, and get him onto a ship. After that, I imagine there'll be no stopping Jack, and Bill will be left to mope. About bloody time too.
Luckily, woolymonkey told me about this community!

This was beautifully done, loved the way you portrayed Bill! And the last line was fantastic, a very interesting take on what's behind their friendship!