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Jack and Bootstrap

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Anonymous Kink Meme for PotC [30 Sep 2008|09:50pm]



I'd like to happily announce that I have made an Anonymous Kink Meme for Pirates of the Caribbean. That means you all can come and check it out and request away! 


For those of you who aren't familiar with Memes, well this is basically what you do. 


You post anonymously a request of a kink that involves whoever you want, and someone will anonymously reply back with a response to your desire. You can request as much as you want and you can respond to as many as you want. 


I thought that this would be a good oppotunity for those people who just want to write smut of any kind. 


Since I'm a bad explainer, please just go to the link to the whole think. I have just made this, so it's really new. 


Rules and Instructions are also in the link, so if you didn't understand you'd get it through that. 


Anyway, follow THIS LINK to the meme and have fun. =]

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Truths, Lies, and Legends : Jack the Hero [11 Jul 2008|02:00pm]

Jack, Elizabeth, and three generations of Turners are reunited at last. But who's been true, and who gets whom?

Should work as a standalone, but follows on from The Return of the Flying Dutchman, which is also a late sequel to my Truths and Lies stories.

Characters: Jack, Bootstrap, Elizabeth, Small William
Rating: NC-17 slash with shedloads of ANGST
Author: p0wdermonkey
Disclaimer: Not mine. I do not profit. Quite the opposite.
Beta: viva_gloria

Note: If you want this to fit with the earlier Truths and Lies series, you have to either not look too closely or use the Truths and Lies AWE Compliance Patch.

Follow Jack to the beach...
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Truths, Lies, and Legends 1: The Return of the Flying Dutchman [08 Jul 2008|11:04am]


A shoreline ceremony leads to several returns from the dead.
Can be read on its own or as a late sequel to my Truths and Lies stories.

Characters: Will (narrating at last!), Jack, Bootstrap, Elizabeth, Teague
Rating: PG-13
Author: p0wdermonkey 
Disclaimer: Not mine. I do not profit. Quite the opposite.
Beta reading and expert comma logistics: viva_gloria 

For those who’ve read Truths and Lies, a word about (in)consistency:
This story goes with the Truths and Lies series that I wrote before AWE, but it tries to incorporate AWE canon as well. This is not actually possible unless you do one of the following:

  • Willingly suspend awareness of contradictions. Who cares? Just go with the story.

  • Download and install the Truths and Lies AWE Compliance Patch.

  • Just get on with it...

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    New fic: Remembrance [10 Oct 2007|02:35pm]

    Jack, Elizabeth, William Turners, and the subtle art of memory management.
    This one came out of nowhere after I'd finished moving the Truths and Lies stories to this account. If you haven't read those, it works as a standalone.

    Pairings: all of the above
    Rating: PG-13 (angst and implied slash)
    Disclaimer: plundered without permission
    geekmama , bimo , teenybuffalo , and the_stowaway on rough_magic .

    All kinds of feedback welcome.

    (Meet by moonlight...)
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    Fic - "The Fair Maiden" [11 Sep 2007|04:02pm]

    Title: The Fair Maiden
    By: St. Minority
    Rating R/NC-17
    Characters/Pairings: it's a surprise ;) Some OCs too
    Warnings: sexual content, rape, violence, language
    Disclaimer: I don't own POTC; all belongs to Elliott, Rossio, etc.
    Summary: Everyone came to see her, but she only wished to be claimed by the stranger.
    A/N: It's still not quite done, but since it's getting so long, I decided to post what I have. And who knows how much more I actually want to do! :)

    She was a goddessCollapse )
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    Announcing our Re-Opening at Pirates 500! [10 Sep 2007|08:56pm]

    I do hope its ok for me to do this here!

    Its official! I have completely revamped pirates_500 and just posted our first new challenge!

    Pirates 500

    I want to extend an invitation to all to come by and take a look at our spiffy new layout. I would love it if you stick around, read a bit, and would love it if you felt compelled to join. I would so love to see this community thrive!

    Also, if you are so inclined, here are a couple pimp banners for you to post in your journal. Help spread the word!

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    So enough talk, come check us out! You might just like what you see!

    Hugs to all!
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    Fic - "Captivity" [22 Jul 2007|11:12pm]

    I started this a while ago, but never got around to posting. I really need to get back to it. :)

    Title: Captivity
    By: St. M
    Rating: R
    Characters/Pairings: Jack/Bootstrap, OC
    Disclaimer: I don't own POTC; all belongs to Elliott, Rossio, etc.
    Warnings: mentions of violence and rape
    Summary: How much before he breaks?
    A/N: I guess this would be a bit AU. It's got young!Jack and Bill; pre-Pearl and all that. WIP

    Someone will comeCollapse )
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    Fic: "The Hunter and the Prey" [06 Jul 2007|08:21am]

    Author: naotalba
    Rating: NC-17 Jack/Bootstrap
    Warning: Underage - Jack is 15 or 16 in this.
    Length: 1850 words
    Disclaimer: This is a non-profit, non-commercial use of characters who belong to their respective copyright holders. It has also been heavily influenced by my fellow fanfic writers.
    Feedback of all sorts (good, bad and/or ugly) is lovingly welcomed.
    Beta: justawench, who is amazing, by the way. Thanks also to teenybuffalo for concrit on rough_magic. Remaining errors are mine.
    Author's note: This is for woolymonkey as a reward for her participation in the Bribes for Concrit request. If anyone else would like to participate, I would still love more concrit.

    Summary: Jack was just as charming 20 years ago. Bill doesn't stand a chance.

    The Hunter and the Prey
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    [12 Jun 2007|04:02pm]

    Ello y'all

    I have ben meaning to post my fics here since I found the comm, and never got round to it, so I bring you this, a fic overload. links to my journal, but I've forgoten how to put links under a fake cut, sorry, ill fix it if someone tells me how.

    Some of these I wrote ages ago, and when i re read them I cringe, but everyones critical about their own, eh?

    love n stuff
    x x x

    http://tiadalmas-fics.livejournal.com/5134.html#cutid1 25 things no one knows about Jack and Bill

    Pairing: Jack/Bill
    Rating: pg
    A/n This was for the Christmas drabble exchange over at POTC_love.

    Its a list fic, as you might have guessed. I made points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 18, 19 + 20 and 23 into separate fics, as you can see below.

    http://tiadalmas-fics.livejournal.com/5498.html#cutid1 Merry Christmas

    Pairing: Jack and Bill
    Rating- pg-13
    Warnings: Bill's temper, whiney Jack.
    point 1 in "25 things no one knows about Jack and Bill"

    http://tiadalmas-fics.livejournal.com/5755.html#cutid1 Why couldn’t you be a Farmer?

    Title: Why couldn't you be a farmer?
    Pairing: Jack/Bill implied
    Rating: PG
    Warning: em... whiney Jack
    A/n: The second point in "25 things no one knows about Jack and Bill" again for St_Minority as part of the Christmas Drabble exchange. Jack and Bill are 16 and 17, and about to go sailing for the first

    http://tiadalmas-fics.livejournal.com/5982.html#cutid1 Love you

    Title: Love you
    Pairing: Jack/Bill
    Rating: pg
    Word count: 159
    Warnings: sad
    A/n Bill contemplates his and Jacks relationship, point 3 in "25 things no one knows about Jack and Bill"

    http://tiadalmas-fics.livejournal.com/6244.html#cutid1 that look

    Rating: pg- 13 for drunken-ness
    Pairing: Jack/Bill
    a/n: Bill tries to get through to Jack, the only way to do this is to use "The look" point no. 4 of "25 things no one knows about Jack and Bill

    http://tiadalmas-fics.livejournal.com/6611.html#cutid1 Bill’s looks

    pairing: Jack/Bill
    Word count: 215
    Rating: pg-13
    a/n mmmkay, point 5 of "25 things no one knows about Jack and Bill"
    Jack reflects on Bills "come hither" eyes...

    http://tiadalmas-fics.livejournal.com/6883.html#cutid1 Pretty

    pairing: Jack/Bill
    Word count: 259
    Rating: pg-13
    a/n point 19 and 20 of "25 things no one knows about Jack and Bill" .

    Bill reflecting on how pretty Jack is, aw!

    http://tiadalmas-fics.livejournal.com/7031.html#cutid1 Always watching

    pairing: Jack/Bill
    Word count: 224
    Rating: pg-13
    a/n point 18 of "25 things no one knows about Jack and Bill"

    http://tiadalmas-fics.livejournal.com/7191.html#cutid1 I wouldn’t mind

    pairing: Jack/Bill
    Word count: 224
    Rating: pg-13
    a/n point 23 of "25 things no one knows about Jack and Bill"
    it’s a poem, yeah I know, shut up, Jacks feelings about loosing Bill to “the other woman”

    http://tiadalmas-fics.livejournal.com/7833.html#cutid1 Early in the morning

    Prompt: drinking
    Rating: pg
    Word count: what are you talking about! how dare you!
    Characters: Jack, Davey Jones
    Notes: Jacks first conversation with Davey, and then his thoughts afterwards.

    http://tiadalmas-fics.livejournal.com/3626.html#cutid1 No regrets

    Word count: Not many
    Prompt: Tattoo
    Pairings: ...Jack with one of the Williams, you have to guess which one before the end.
    Warnings: I’m writing it as I think it, so it may go horribly wrong, A wee drabble for y'all before I go off tonight to do serious damage to my young body (nothing emo, chicks, just a party) which has half inspired this, I am writing the POV through the eyes of some one on MDMA which is the un-kitchen cleaner cut, pure version of ecstasy that though it is very bad for you, isn’t as bad or risky as E. It looks like salt, tastes like death and though people who take drugs are idiots (I should know, I’m friends with half of them) it IS a lot of fun. if it doesn’t all go wrong. So do as I say, not as I do in this case bunnies.

    http://tiadalmas-fics.livejournal.com/987.html#cutid1 He doesn’t want you

    Prompt: Guilt
    Rating: R
    Word count: a lot, so its split in two! yay! and a picture, you lucky ducks
    Characters: Barbossa, Bill, Jack, randompirates(TM)
    Pairings: Bill/Jack
    Authors Note: This is my version of the whole, mutiny thing... Jack is Cute!Jack in this, he be only 20, just believe me ok! hope you enjoy lovies

    http://tiadalmas-fics.livejournal.com/1404.html#cutid1 Revenge is bitter sweet

    Prompt: Ice
    Rating: pg
    Pairing: Bill/Jack but not really
    Warnings: ANGST! oh the terrible terrible angst!
    word count: 500 exactly! YAAAASSS!!!

    A/n this is the sequel to "He doesn't Want you" set after AWE. I am still considering turning this into a mini series, but we shall see
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    Fic - "A Running Bet" [09 Jun 2007|09:07pm]

    Title: A Running Bet
    Characters/Pairings: younger Jack/Bootstrap, Jack/OCs
    Warnings: m/m, language
    Disclaimer: I don't own POTC; all belong to Elliott, Rossio, Bruckheimer, Verbinsky, etc.
    Summary: It was a bet; nothing more.
    A/N: This one still isn't finished, and I don't know if I'll ever get it finished. Sadly, I'm not doing anything with it at the moment.
    My second fic for 10_hurt_comfort

    Dirty Laundry
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    Meta: Jack/Bootstrap Bill, or Why (Almost) No-one Can Resist the Power of the Sparrowstrap [17 May 2007|06:15pm]

    I finally wrote that Jack/Bill meta I keep talking about.

    I expect you guys need less convincing than most, but I'd love to hear what you think.  Is this how you see the pairing?  Don't be afraid to disagree with me!

    Read it here...
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    New fic: Dear Jack (Lies 1) [17 Apr 2007|08:25pm]

    Bootstrap writes to Jack about the past, and how he got his name.  This is a standalone story, but it links with my Truths stories and contains spoilers for them, if that bothers you.  No AWE spoilers.

    Pairing: sparrowstrap
    Rating: R
    Author: </a></b></a>woolymonkey
    Thanks: </a></b></a>erinya, </a></b></a>teenybuffalo, </a></b></a>fabu, </a></b></a>rough_magic for feedback and concrit.
    Disclaimer: Borrowed without permission and now rather badly damaged.
    Warnings: Angst and more angst.  (Jack taught Bootstrap some jokes, but he tells them like the glum old stick that he is.)  Also soul-searching, self-doubt, denial, and editorial intrusions.

    Note: Lies 2, in which Barbossa tells his side of the story, will follow in May.  So let me know what you like and don’t before I do it all again!

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    New Jack and Bootstrap pic [02 Mar 2007|11:14am]

    justawench has updated her beautiful pic of Jack and Bill before the mutiny.  Among other things, Jack has a different scarf and Bill has blue eyes!  Which looks great and fits with my Truths stories - huzzah!

    You can see the pic here.
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    [Fic] - Metamorphoses (and some meta) [01 Mar 2007|05:32pm]

    [ mood | hungry ]

    I'm new to this community, and I've brought you some fic and meta :)

    Feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Meta: Some thoughts on Jack, Bill and the mutiny (SPOILERS for AWE!)

    Fic: Metamorphoses

    Author: LadyOfTheSilent

    Beta:  sparrows_swann

    Status: Complete [One-Shot]

    Words: 3008

    Rating: NC-17

    Characters: Jack Sparrow, “Bootstrap” Bill Turner, Hector Barbossa

    Pairings: Jack/Bill (pre-mutiny)

    Warnings: hate!sex, disturbing themes

    Disclaimer: Jack normally belongs to Elizabeth, but since she isn’t in the story, he, like the rest belongs to the mouse

    Summary: Bill tries to warn Jack about Barbossa …

    A/N: This is actually a companion-piece to my J/E-fic “Exorcism”, meant to reveal more of Jack’s backstory, but also works as a standalone. It’s basically based on some of Bill’s lines from the DMC-script and my own thoughts on why Bill participated in the mutiny against Jack.


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    [18 Feb 2007|11:45pm]

    [ mood | artistic ]

    Title: Nowhere Else To Go

    Rating: Teen

    Summary: Jack is taken advantage of by Bill. This fic began at the Potc_Love drabble group, but I liked it, so I rewrote it.  Sorry if the format goes strange, but Lj doesnt seem to like me :(

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    New Jack/Bootstrap fics [10 Feb 2007|11:08am]

    I finished my three linked fics about Jack's backstory with Bill Turner. 
    The one with the most J/B is Slightly Embroidered (Truths 2).  You can find it here, and it has links to the other two.
    They've been up on pirategasm for a while, so apologies if you've already seen them there.
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    Fic. Truths 1: And the truth shall set you free [08 Jan 2007|10:20am]

    I've only just found this community - so glad there's a few of us rooting for Sparrowstrap.  This story is mostly the Big Three, but there is Sparrowstrap too if you bear with it.  Plus, there should be a follow-on piece later - or even two - with lots more Sparrowstrap.

    Pairings: Mostly J/W/E, with J/B if you're persistent.
    Setting: a year after the Turner wedding—whenever that is.
    Author: Monkey Wench (</a></b></a>woolymonkey)
    Disclaimer: Taken without permission, but with every intention of returning it.
    Warning: P13 really, but be warned it includes bondage, sarcasm, tacky sex, Bootstrap Bill, and picking on poor Will.
    Many thanks to [info]fabu  for her very helpful beta-ing.
    Also posted on[info]pirategasm


    Perhaps the shackles were a mistake.
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    [24 Sep 2006|01:41am]

    I love that there's a community for these two. Awesome. :D

    Title: Meet the Bootstrap Bill
    By: St. Minority
    Pairings/Characters: Jack and Bootstrap
    Rating: R
    Warnings: M/M, sex, alcohol consumption, brief violence
    Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the franchise, merely the situations I put them in and such.
    Summary: How Jack and Bootstrap met, and how William Turner acquired his nickname.
    Notes: Pre CotBP, title inspired by a NewsRadio episode name.

    Whose bed have your boots been under?
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    [21 Sep 2006|08:58pm]

    Hello! I have fanart to offer! Comments appreciated!

    Bootstrap and JackCollapse )
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    Two fics [21 Sep 2006|02:30pm]

    At last I find a Jack/Bootstrap community. And I come bearing fic.

    Title: Black as Kohl
    Rating: PG
    Pairing: Jack/Bootstrap
    Warnings: Eyeliner abuse
    Summary: The uncanny stare of a pirate captain can lead to many things.
    Author's Notes: This is set pre CotBP.

    Well that's the Pot calling the Kettle Black

    Title: Sailing for Singapore
    Author: melamserious
    Rating: PG
    Pairing: Implied Jack/Bootstrap
    Summary: Jack wants to sail toward Singapore, hold up there for a while, but Bill doesn't much like that particualr port of call. Can't imagine why.

    'I dislike Singapore Jack.'

    Links go to my journal.
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