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if I'm never your hero I can never let you down

Fic: "The Hunter and the Prey"

Author: naotalba
Rating: NC-17 Jack/Bootstrap
Warning: Underage - Jack is 15 or 16 in this.
Length: 1850 words
Disclaimer: This is a non-profit, non-commercial use of characters who belong to their respective copyright holders. It has also been heavily influenced by my fellow fanfic writers.
Feedback of all sorts (good, bad and/or ugly) is lovingly welcomed.
Beta: justawench, who is amazing, by the way. Thanks also to teenybuffalo for concrit on rough_magic. Remaining errors are mine.
Author's note: This is for woolymonkey as a reward for her participation in the Bribes for Concrit request. If anyone else would like to participate, I would still love more concrit.

Summary: Jack was just as charming 20 years ago. Bill doesn't stand a chance.

The Hunter and the Prey
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