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Fic. Truths 1: And the truth shall set you free

I've only just found this community - so glad there's a few of us rooting for Sparrowstrap.  This story is mostly the Big Three, but there is Sparrowstrap too if you bear with it.  Plus, there should be a follow-on piece later - or even two - with lots more Sparrowstrap.

Pairings: Mostly J/W/E, with J/B if you're persistent.
Setting: a year after the Turner wedding—whenever that is.
Author: Monkey Wench (</a></b></a>woolymonkey)
Disclaimer: Taken without permission, but with every intention of returning it.
Warning: P13 really, but be warned it includes bondage, sarcasm, tacky sex, Bootstrap Bill, and picking on poor Will.
Many thanks to [info]fabu  for her very helpful beta-ing.
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Perhaps the shackles were a mistake.
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