powdermonkey (p0wdermonkey) wrote in twogoodmen,

Truths, Lies, and Legends : Jack the Hero

Jack, Elizabeth, and three generations of Turners are reunited at last. But who's been true, and who gets whom?

Should work as a standalone, but follows on from The Return of the Flying Dutchman, which is also a late sequel to my Truths and Lies stories.

Characters: Jack, Bootstrap, Elizabeth, Small William
Rating: NC-17 slash with shedloads of ANGST
Author: p0wdermonkey
Disclaimer: Not mine. I do not profit. Quite the opposite.
Beta: viva_gloria

Note: If you want this to fit with the earlier Truths and Lies series, you have to either not look too closely or use the Truths and Lies AWE Compliance Patch.

Follow Jack to the beach...
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